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Nobody is perfect
until you fall in love with them
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Quit saying you love me.
For once.. just show it.

A kiss is just a kiss
till you find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug
till you find the one
you're always thinking of.
A dream is just a dream
till it comes true.
Love was just a word
till I heard it from you.

Love is not measured
by the breaths we take,
but by the moments
that take our breath away

The words I love you are not for anyone
to say from their mouth to their beloved one.
It's a feeling that you can whisper to
each other from heart-to-heart
without saying it aloud.
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Have you ever wondered
which hurts the most:
saying something
and wishing you had not,
or saying nothing,
and wishing you had?

There is a saying,
'Out of sight, out of mind.'
But how can that be true?
You are not here,
yet I can't get you out of my mind.

Love today,
so you will never have
empty yesterdays

Trying to make someone
fall in love with you
is about as pointless as
trying to control
who you fall in love with.

The heart has reasons
that reason cannot know.
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Never long for
anyone from the past.
There is a reason why
they never made it
to your future.

It is astonishing
how little one feels alone
when one loves.

A Code of Honor:
Never approach
a friend's girlfriend or wife
with mischief as your goal.
There are just too many
women in the world
to justify that sort of
dishonorable behavior.
Unless she's really attractive.

So often we don't say 'I love you'
because we fear losing someone,
but more often we lose them
because we fear saying 'I love you'

Time goes by a lot slower
when you miss
the one you love.

A man's heart
will never be complete
without a woman's love

When women are depressed
they either eat or go shopping.
Men invade another country.

Saying I Love You is like a warm fuzzy,
it feels good for only a short while.
When you tell someone you love them
by doing something for them,
the message will mean much more and last longer.


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